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Weekend buffet        175,00 kr.   
Home baked whole-grain bun w/ butter         25,00 kr.
Cake of the day         30,00 kr.
Beverages (see below)


BREAD & CAKE          
Home baked whole-grain bun w/butter25,00 kr.
Home baked whole-grain bun w/butter and jam35,00 kr.
Home baked whole-grain bun w/butter and cheese55,00 kr.
Cake of the day30,00 kr.
Fruit pie

42,00 kr.

Buffet Tuesday-Friday, (see more) 125,00 kr.
Coffee30,00 kr.
Tea30,00 kr.
Cafe latte38,00 kr
Cappuccino38,00 kr.
Espresso25,00 kr.
Hot chocolate w/whipped cream40,00 kr.
Soda28,00 kr.
Ecological beverage32,00 kr.
Beer38,00 kr.
Virklund beer 50 cl.65,00 kr.
Carlsberg Nordic beer 0,5%38,00 kr.
Wine - per glass55,00 kr.
Wine of the house - 1/1 bottle250,00 kr.
water - bottle15,00 kr.
Hot cocoa w/whipped cream35,00 kr.



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