The five buildings you see in the park are a part of the former health resort. With the park and the spring, the buildings present a unique cultural environment. These are the eldest preserved health resort buildings in Denmark. The establishment of the Silkeborg Vandkuranstalt marked the beginning of the heyday of Silkeborg as a spa town. Today, the buildings have been renovated to resemble the original outer appearance. On the inside, the renovation has made room for current purposes.

Societetsbygningen (The Society Building)
Architect Vilhelm Dahlerup (1836-1907) designed the Society Building, built in 1883. It had dining halls, salons, a reading room, a billiards hall, an office, a reception, a kitchen, guest rooms, and staff rooms in the attic.

Kurbygningen (The Spa Building)
The Spa Building was built in 1883 and designed by Vilhelm Dahlerup. Its function was spa treatments and consultations with the chief physician. Several buildings were extended along the way, not least when A. Høeg-Hansen drew the two double-height room wings that were added to the Spa Building in 1919. Dahlerup also designed a machine building that no longer exists.

Søvilla (Lake Villa)
The Lake Villa was built in 1883 and designed by Vilhelm Dahlerup. It had 14 guest rooms.  

Skovvilla (Forest Villa)
Anton Rosen (1859-1928) designed the Forest Villa that was built as a guest house in 1885. Anton Rosen was a major exponent of applied art in architecture and, to some extent, in furniture and decoration.

Villa Granly
In 1895 the Villa Granly was built. For about a decade it housed tuberculosis patients and continued to serve as a private dwelling for the chief physician and his family.

Renovation work on the Spa Building
Per Lausten, Årstiderne Arkitekter, handled the renovation and extension work of the Spa Building. The Spa Building was re-opened in 1998. Through a series of exquisite spatial progressions, new and old elements complement each other. Guests at the facility will always have contact with the nature outside. The west wing of the Spa Building was renovated in 2002. Årstiderne Arkitekter have retained the original storytelling traits with their return to the old facade design, and the surrounding greenery of the park has put a general focus on a historic mood of tranquillity and recreational opportunities.


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