6 January - 2 April 2018


It is the fifth time that the International Triennal ARTAPESTRY shows a very updated selection of what is happening in today's weaving. Textile artists work very widely in these years and experiment with the many visual expressions that lie in the art, both in terms of subjects and themes. Some work with almost photographic representations, while others explore and paraphrase folkloristic motives, and others work abstractly with the material and colors. Read more


6 January - 15 April 2018


Professional artists in the Silkeborg area focus in the west wing on space and space understanding with a joint exhibition of newly created works. Participants: Klaus Becker, Preben Frederiksen, Steen A. Hovmand, Lisbeth Poulsen, Nurith Miryam Lumer-Klabbers, Jette Bækgaard, Rigmor Behind Frederiksen, Marianne Fossgreen, Mette Mailund Strong, Inge Lis Jørgensen and Karin Grünberger. Read more

13 January - 2 April 2018

The color first : JAN SIVERTSEN - painting

Jan Sivertsen (1951) attended The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts 1977-82 at the professors Sven Dalsgaard, Albert Mertz and Robert Jacobsen. His formative language is based on an abstract expressionism with almost diffuse figurative elements. With almost scientific precision, he works towards a totally distinctive expression with a strikingly color scheme. He lives and works in Paris. He was previously affiliated with Børge Birch's famous gallery, and has had many exhibitions in Denmark and abroad. Organized in collaboration with Sophienholm. Read more