The island as inspiration - Gotland



Situated in the middle of the Baltic Sea historical island Gotland had a strategic importance between East and West. Through centuries the island was a centre for the exchange of goods and ideas.


This is still visible by the many traces of cultural history of which the island is so rich. Also nature is exotic with the life of plants and birds, not being seen as rich anywhere in the North.


Gotland has through many years had a high attraction of artists: The nature painter Lars Jonsson, ceramist Eva-Marie Kothe (both living on Gotland) and nature artist Jens Overgaard Christensen (DK) have the nature and culture of Gotland in their blood.


In the exhibition one sees a large number of watercolors with motives from Gotland - as well the rich life of birds and vegetation as the magnificent landscapes with churches and other historical buildings.


These works are complemented by the black jars and bowls by Eva-Maria Kothe also carrying an inspiration from the island's past within them. 









Top: Lars Jonsson

I the middle: Eva-Marie Kothe 

Bottom: Jens Overgaard Christensen







The exhibition The island as inspiration - Gotland is on show January 7- April 2, 2017 at the Art Centre Silkeborg Bad.