What almost not is


The title of their exhibition What almost not is has been choosen by Birgitte Thorlacius and Lars Waldemar to their exhibition.


The title is to be understood directly – it is the small things which are in their focus.


Birgitte Thorlacius at the same time unites the elegance, fragility and transitory of nature in her etchings.


She works in classical graphic techniques as copper engraving, etching and aquatint. Including the traces of the unexpected by printing the etching base twice or added the wool-like expression in the colour, when she uses cardboard as a printing ground. The mix of tradition and experiment adds an extra layer to her graphic art and by use of these simple methods she draws out the unimpressive.


Lars Waldemar work in a traditional way as a sculptor with a hammer and chisel or with carving tools – in chalk , marble or tree. He is also casting some sculptures in concrete, and as an artist-scientist he is investigating different materials, which is being mixed, stored, sewed together or treated in other ways. 


He is experimenting with the materials without fear for the burden of tradition, and he adds a scale to his motived of his own mind. 



”What almost not is" is on show January 7 - March 19, 2017, at the Art Centre Silkeborg Bad.