The project PrintJam is a collaborative and international project with Ronald de Bloeme (PB/D),
Wernher Bouwens (PB/F), Christophe Ruckhäberle (D), Thomas Siemon (D) and Édouard Wolton (F).

PrintJam was born in 2013 by our desire to federate our various artistic experiences and interests in
a collective proposal, like playing together in a group as musicians do. The strength of PrintJam is
in the diversity of our personal artistic projects, bringing tensions as well as echos, agreements and
disagreements, gaps and links.

For a start, we each realized an individual five color woodcut of 138 × 95cm. This gave us printing plates for a jamsession in which we could act by improvisation using the forms coming from our personal images and that had not been drawn to act together. All the images are thus created by acting directly during the printing process. In our collective project we were really attached to the idea of producing a large set of original works in a limited time to concentrate our different energies. 156 Jamprints are the results of four weeks of intense collaboration. They are all different and unique. The individuel prints and eleven of the jamprints are shown at the KunstCenter Silkeborg Bad.

The project is accompanied by a book published by Lubok-Verlag: PrintJam. It is conceived from the
same forms and according to the same principle of improvisation.

Ronald de Bloeme | Wernher Bouwens | Christophe Ruckhaberle | Thomas Siemon | Edouard Wolton