April 25 – August 23, 2015

Bettina Winkelmann and Nurith M. Lumer-Klabbers, who respectively has German and Israeli backgrounds, lived in Denmark for many years. But they both carry on the legacies after Second World War where trauma, stigmatizing and cultural heritage from Israel and Germany form the center.

Bettina Winkelmann and Nurith M. Lumer-Klabbers have developed a close friendship. And together they have created a mean of expression, were they work in layers and with transparency by the use of canvas and Plexiglas. With their art works they throw light on political and personal conflicts through a mean of expression where subject matter becomes definite and universal.

They found each other through crating art that wishes to transform the notion of historical enmity, which they inherited after Second World War during their youth. Their friendship and their close artistic cooperation led them toward the realization of the current exhibition, which in addition is on show in the 70th year after the end of Second World War.

”We do not wish to contribute to the kind of rhetoric’s, which are keeping the wounds open”, Bettina Winkelmann and Nurith M. Lumer-Klabbers tell. ”We want to inspire – to create a mood of energy, where feeling and beauty walk hand in hand.”  Their art work documents the success of the difficult friendship and its redeeming potential.

Their paintings are partly figurative in the spots where Nurith M. Lumer-Klabbers has drawn humans and nature with sensible black brush stroke, and abstract where Bettina Winkelmann treated the same area of the painting with a more matter-of-fact, almost concrete painterly aesthetics. In this manner a dialogue between what is narrative and what is non-verbal is created – as two parallel tracks through the visual flow of the exhibition. The artists attach the importance of their gentle work contributing to a personalized and individual reflection in the viewer.

The two artists live in Eastern Jutland, Bettina Winkelmann in Aarhus and Nurith M. Lumer-Klabbers close to Bryrup.