Conversation - S.E.S. 2019

14 October - 27 October

This year, the Silkeborg Bad and Silkeborg Højskole (Folk High School) collaborate on creating a framework for a number of sculpture workshops in the public space in Silkeborg, all under the theme of conversation.

The 6 workshops take place in parallel through week 42 (autumn holidays), after which the sculptural results will be for everyone interested until 27 October 2019.

Shortly after New Year 2019, an invitation material was sent out to members of Dansk Billedhuggersamfund (Danish Sculptor Society) and a total of 11 exciting proposals were subsequently submitted to the organizers. Here, sculptors from all over the country outlined both possible materials, participant dialogue and process. A jury selected the following sculptors to lead the total of 6 workshops: Henrik Vilhelm the Redeemer, Ole Schjøre-Hansen, Jørn Hansen, Lars Waldemar, Jytte Høeg & Stinne Teglhus (group), Peter Hesk & Steffen Harder (group).

There will be work on wood, metal, plastic, plaster, flamingo, text and more.

With reference to one of the folk high school's core values as continually talking to each other and trying to understand the other, this year's Sculpture Experiment Silkeborg - based on a visual artistic thinking - will help determine how important it is to keep the conversation alive in Our society. Perhaps the project will point to overlooked opportunities, perhaps on some of the challenges that exist. This will happen both through the physical artifacts that are created as the results of the 6 workshops and through the conversations that will be included in the process for the participants themselves.

In the autumn of 2019, Silkeborg Højskole is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and for this reason wishes to become visible in the local area. Højskolen has for many years also placed great emphasis on artistic decoration and artistic development and it was therefore obvious to enter into a collaboration with the Art Centre Silkeborg Bad.

The exhibition format Sculpture Experiment Silkeborg (S.E.S.) was launched by the Art Centre Silkeborg Bad in 2016 and unfolds recurrently and contextually when this makes sense. The point of S.E.S. is to create space for experimental art creation through temporary events of 2-8 weeks duration, and to do this in places where the audience has free access.

In 2019, there are three goals for Sculpture Experiment Silkeborg "Conversation":

-Involve selected citizens of different age groups in an art project with professional artists. High school students from all over the country are also involved through their stay in Silkeborg.

- Show participants and audience how professional artists' work can open the mind to new interpretations and conversations.

- Challenge sculptors to experiment with new materials and contexts.

The organizers will, during the summer, in close cooperation with the participating sculptors and with the Silkeborg municipality, organize the many practical details about these workshops, which will take place in green areas and urban spaces in Silkeborg. Likewise, concrete participants will be invited.

In addition to the Art Centre Silkeborg Bad and Silkeborg Højskole, Dansk Billedhuggersamfund and Silkeborg municipality are among others partners in Sculpture Experiment Silkeborg 2019.