Imaginarium 2019

28 September 2019 – 5 January 2020

NB. Special opening hours for institutional visits.

There is no small role in the theater world - everything matters. The sense exhibition of the year is created by the theater man Matej Forman from Prague and his international colleagues, with references to the circus. The interactive installations of the sense exhibition are aimed at children and other playing beings who have the courage to dive into the universe of fantasy.
Matej Forman tell about their concerns:

„We set this exhibition because we are still passionated by the beauty of things, puppets, objects and toys made by hands. They are all still valuable and beautiful for us.
We belive that there is a desire among us to meet real people. Real people include also real artists and their art. And our fellow-artists contributing to the IMAGINÁRIUM are authentic and real. The work they do can't be found anywhere else as they are unique and their work as well.

This is about all of us, that being surounded by lots of cheep things and mostly commercial products, there is a strong inner desire and passion to find, meet and rediscover the "real" and beautifull things. In the IMAGINÁRIUM exhibition children and adults of all ages are invited to reopen their imagination and instincts of children‘s joy from all kind of games and discovery.

We belive that human hands are able to create miracles and that our imagination is endless. That is probably the deep source of our passion and joy, and the reason why we are creating the IMAGINÁRIUM exhibition – to create and be together with friends for a while. And to offer to people a unique world of art, beauty and freedom to play and wonder.“

IMAGINÁRIUM is a total installation, orchstrated by Matej Forman and relized together with Renata Lhotáková, Martin Lhoták, Pavel Macek, Tereza Komárková, Antonín Maloň, Andrea Sodomková, Josef Sodomka, Irena Vodáková, Barka Zichová, Veronika Podzimková, Jana Paulová, Kristýna Mlynaříková, Kamila Restrepo med flere.

Lights: Igor Schmidt; Regi: Philippe Le Forestier; Partners installation: Petr Passler, Mariana Macková and others; Idea: Matej Forman; Production Leader: Jakub Hradílek with Théâtre Forman Bros. With kind Help of Sladovna Pisek, o.p.s.

Supported by Danish Visual Art Council.

KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad present IMAGINÁRIUM in collaboration with Festival of Wonder, Silkeborg