Funen Spring

12 October 2019 - 5 January 2020

The Funen Spring Exhibition started in 1929. The first many years, the group consisted exclusively of Funen painters - and of men (!), But none of that is a requirement anymore. Historically, the exhibition was based on the special Funen naturalism with Impressionist undertones, which the somewhat older 'Funen painters' stood for. Nature inspiration is still present today, but in a broader form, ranging from the naivist-narrative to the organic abstract or expressive to the geometrically-abstract.

Right from the start, the association managed to attract recognized guests from all over the country and abroad to the annual exhibitions at Easter, among others Emil Nolde, Käthe Kollwitz and Pablo Picasso have been guests, and memorial exhibitions were held for Harald Giersing, Jens Søndergaard and others.

The anniversary exhibition "Funen Spring" aims to show which artists established the Danish artist association model on Funen and how it has been carried on right up to the present, where the annual exhibitions still appear to be both vibrant and innovative.

Members of The Funen Spring Exhibition are today: Annette Holdensen, Anne Skamstrup Heiberg, Birgitte Thorlacius, Hanne Skyum, Helle Baslund, Jens Bohr, Keld Moseholm, Külli Suitso, Lars Abrahamsen, Lars Waldemar, Lea Mi Engholm, Michael Isling, P.O. Hansen, Poul Lee, Sanne Ransby, Sys Svinding, Søren Hillerup Vaag.

The selected historical members are: Aksel Jensen, Christian Pedersen-Bellinge, Eigil Wendelboe Jensen, Fritz Syberg, Gerda Andrea, Herman Madsen, Ingvard Petersen, Jeppe Andreas Larsen, Johannes Larsen, Thormod Kidde, Kay Christensen, Lauritz Mikkelsen, Palle From, Rasmus Nellemann, Regnar Lange, Robert Lund-Jensen, Sven Havsteen-Mikkelsen.

The exhibition is also shown on Sophienholm and The Johannes Larsen Museum (in reduced form).

"Funen Spring" opens at Art Centre Silkeborg Bad Sunday 13 October, 13:00