7 April - 19 August 2018

TrykSammensurium (Print Hotchpotch)

Through a special work process and internal criticism, artists create interesting joint works that add something to what they can each. It is also a cultural meeting between Danish and Norwegian artists who, after many years of approaches, have formed the MIMWAJ group after the letters in their first names: Marit Tingnæs, Inghild Sleire, Merete Hol Tefre, Wencke Weifring, Annette Holdensen and Jeanie Jensen. Read more

14 April - 19 August 2018

Playful Dialogue In Time And Space

A visual and international meeting between two generations with Chinese Qi Baishi and Danish J.F. Willumsen as the older artists that a contemporary artist generation is in dialogue with. The focus is on works on paper, partly to be a place in life where you are both mature and experienced, and still have a living curiosity. Meet Tong Wang (China / Sweden), Helgi Thorgil Fridjónsson (Iceland), Holger Bunk (Germany / Holland) and Lars Ravn (Denmark / China). The exhibition is displayed in several countries. Read more

27. april - 26. august 2018

GORDON FAZAKERLEY: The Södergran series

Fazakerley was painter and poet, literary lover and poetry fan. English to the bone, but voluntarily exiled in Denmark most of his life. Born near Liverpool in 1937 and died in Copenhagen 2011.
In the last 5-6 years of his life, Fazakerley painted a series of more than 30 major cavases inspired by the Finnland/Swedish poet Edith Södergren's poems and her short, dramatic life. Read more

– until destroyed by weather. SCULPTURE PARK

Nobody can step into the same river twice
- 99 clay vessels for Heraclitus

Ceramic artist Lise Seier Petersen (1952) work with and against the materials and forces of nature in this work of art. The clay for the 99 vessels is fired at different temperatures, creating different color effects. At the same time the art work is exposed for wind and weather in the Sculpture Park and will gradually be changing until it is completely destroyed. The piece was installed July 14, 2014. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus is godfather to the thesis that everything is changing. Read more