11 January - 10 May 2020


Counter-punctual accounts
The exhibition is a graphic installation whose overall focus is time: The time that goes and the time that stands still. The audience is surrounded by works that the artists have created for the concrete exhibition rooms in Art Centre Silkeborg Bad's upper floor. The visual artists Tina Gjerulff, Joe Ingvartsen, Lis Rejnert Jensen and Steen Rasmussen are in close collaboration behind the exhibition, which includes various reports on time and a visual examination of this. In terms of expression and form, the audience at an MOMENT experiences the entire spectrum from classic graphics to three-dimensional installations. Read more

11 January - 24 May 2020


In her project Human Art Cultural Dialogue, Armenian photographer Tatev Mnatsakanyan has photographed older, perhaps today, somewhat forgotten artists. She has examined the thoughts and concerns of the artists that they express in their faces regardless of art or nationality. The portraits include older artists and scientists from, among others. Egypt, Poland, Norway, Denmark, Austria and Switzerland. The project also points out that artists who in their youth were pioneering often only gain recognition after their death.
Tatev Mnatsakanyan is an internationally recognized photographer and she has participated in art festivals and held photo exhibitions in a wide range of countries. Read more

18 January - 24 May 2020


Jan Holger Jerichau (1937-2019) was a sculptor. He worked with sculpture in many different materials - in recent years mainly in wood. Starting from the abstract he became more imaginative over the years: Beings and symbols emerge from the carved wood, where the surface is often worked with color, wax or coated with gold leaf. Jan Holger Jerichau was the fourth generation of the Jerichau artist family and lived with the legacy of the art his ancestors had created. Read more