12 January - 28 April 2019

Fighting and Playing – Bertamaria Reetz

Painting, graphics, drawing and sculpture are primarily media to German visual artist Bertamaria Reetz. The exhibition at Art Centre Silkeborg Bad is entitled Kämpfen und Spielen - Fighting and Playing. It is the first solo presentation in Denmark for the 65-year old artist. Her work is generally centered around human existence. Read more   

19 January 2019 – 22 April 2019


With the coming exhibition, our focus is to communicate how there is a special focus on art from several Asian countries: China, Mongolia, North Korea and South Korea in Jens Olesen's art collection.
There are 60 selected works - mainly painting, but also some sculptures, which are now displayed. With his kind and big lending, Jens Olesen generously shares the love of art that has followed him throughout his life. Read more

– until destroyed by weather. SCULPTURE PARK

Nobody can step into the same river twice
- 99 clay vessels for Heraclitus

Ceramic artist Lise Seier Petersen (1952) work with and against the materials and forces of nature in this work of art. The clay for the 99 vessels is fired at different temperatures, creating different color effects. At the same time the art work is exposed for wind and weather in the Sculpture Park and will gradually be changing until it is completely destroyed. The piece was installed July 14, 2014. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus is godfather to the thesis that everything is changing. Read more