4 May - 15 September 2019

The Road to Moscow

Textile translations by Anne Mette Larsen
The award-winning Danish weaver Anne Mette Larsen (born 1961) is now ready to show the third and final part of the course Auf der anderen Seite, which she in 2007 and 2012 respectively presented the first two parts of. Inspiration from the architecture of the concrete buildings and silent colors, first from Ukraine and now from Russia, are processed and translated into the image weaving structures and patterns. Her work represents both a truly unique global view, rare in Danish craftsmanship, and the introverted process of creating completely from the bottom - even when this involves a cycling tour of thousands of kilometers! Read more

11 May – 29 September 2019

Summerland architecture - the dream of the good life

The exhibition and the accompanying book, "Summerland Architecture - The Dream of the Good Life", is about ideas about the good life, as expressed in the summer homes of different times and communities. The examples cover the period from the beginning of the 19th century until today's primitive shelters in nature. Read more

25 May – 25 August 2019

Everything represents. Nothing is

The great Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman, who has made great impression on many with his enigmatic films, has also impressed other artists. Here are examples of Bergman's own films and selected installations of contemporary artists who have received inspiration from him, such as Swedish Ylva Snöfrid. Shown in cooperation with lending institutions, The Ingmar Bergman Foundation, Gävle Konstcentrum in Sweden, and Fotografisk Center in Copenhagen. Read more