1 September - 9 December 2018

Beyond the Body

We are part of the stream of life. We change constantly. How do we deal with our transient body? How do we envisage death, that ultimate frontier? The Dutch curator Anne Berk invited seventeen artists for the exhibition Beyond the Body to reflect on these questions in art objects, installations and videos. They hold up their art as a mirror to us, leaving the answers to the visitor. Read more

15 September - 16 December 2018

Nature matter

Sergei Sviatchenko • collage

Curator: Faye Dowling

Sergei Sviatchenko (1952), who for instance acquires inspiration in modernism, constructivism and surrealism, has, if any in Denmark in recent times, worked with the collage. In this exhibition in the graphics section there is a particular focus on interpretation of local landscapes. Read more

– until destroyed by weather. SCULPTURE PARK

Nobody can step into the same river twice
- 99 clay vessels for Heraclitus

Ceramic artist Lise Seier Petersen (1952) work with and against the materials and forces of nature in this work of art. The clay for the 99 vessels is fired at different temperatures, creating different color effects. At the same time the art work is exposed for wind and weather in the Sculpture Park and will gradually be changing until it is completely destroyed. The piece was installed July 14, 2014. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus is godfather to the thesis that everything is changing. Read more