Highway & Bridges

Jens Brink
30 July - 6 October 2019
I develop the silhouettes of the Silkeborg highway through a filter in photoshop. It gives my version of a landscape of transformation, the man-made and nature, an eternal struggle for space. Th construction raises many questions. Is there for example space for biodiversity and motorway traffic at the same time? We may first see the answers in many years. When the wounds heal and nature gets on top of the shock of the new construction.

But highway is great when driving by car, and especially the trip through Silkeborg is eminently beautiful - what a trip with all the bridges and even game bridges! Possibility to get close to forest and water and open sky in his car is present. In a split second you might see what you could not see before for just trees. A new angle appears.

I am happy to be able to show my pictures here at Art Centre Silkeborg Bad. Hope you welcome them. The project was photographed in 2016.
Jens Brink

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