Café exhibition



19 June – 16 September 2018

The exhibition "broken formations" consists of woodcuts and etchings. The motives are from the area at the Art Center Silkeborg Bad and Lake Ørnsø.

The starting point for the works is a study of nature processes, thereby forming or breaking material, creating and breaking formations. Through infinite repetitions, rhythm, fabricity and structure occur.

The works symbolize the volatile and the changeable, which occurs, changes and passes away.

In addition to woodcuts, etchings are also displayed from 2017. The etchings are figurative and symbolically charged. The motives come from within and the subject is related to existential questions.

In recent years, Anne Grarup has worked with graphics, especially woodcuts and etchings. She graduated from Kolding Design School in 2009 and resided in Silkeborg. She is a member of various graphic workshops and has participated in several recognized exhibitions at art museums, in art galleries and she is a member of BKF.

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