Café exhibition

Thomas Arnel - Graphics

January 30 – March 25, 2018

Thomas Arnel, 1922-2010, (Christian name: Arne Thomsen) was educated as advertising designer, but except for that he is auto didactic. He worked with graphics and developed his personal, often surreal and dreamlike pictorial world, inhabited by fantasy creatures. In the actual piece one sees a creature – half an animal, half a human – on a bike, which is not an ordinary bike as well. These striped insect-like creatures were pursued by the artist in many motives. The prints are quite large, and one can see how the sweeping of the plate – maybe intentionally – left a grey tone in the areas between the lines. Arnel also experimented with a kind of ”chalk etching” to get white lines and underline his dark universe.  

There are 60 works by Thomas Arnel in Our Art Center’s Study Collection, primarily from the 1950ies and 1960ies. This is just a modest selection. 

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