Café exhibition

PETER BIRK - Photography

17 April – 17 June 2018

Peter Birk is a trained librarian, and fully self-taught as a photographer.

It is characteristic of Peter Birk's photography that he puts together more images in more or less transparent layers.

In this way he sets himself up with the poetry art, which also expresses itself with different reality and symbolics. When he has to define his style, it is with the term "Magical Realism", a genre also derived from the world of literature.

The pictures shown here in the café exhibition give examples of two of the motifs Peter Birk works with; partly figure theater, and something that approaches non-figurative photography.

For 10 years, Peter Birk has been an official photographer at the Festival of Wonder and in three of the exhibited photographs he has experimented with releasing the theater figures so that they can interfere in a world that sometimes surpasses the theater world in unreality.

In three other images, an image world has been constructed, where tree reflections have almost organic forms, and these mix again with photographed surfaces from ceramics and natural stone.

All photographs are printed on aluminum plate.

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