The twilight hour

18 September – 16 December 2018

Holger Bak (b. 1949)

The motives are from a house by the sea. From the house there are views to all corners of the world.

To the west there is a view of the sea and the sunset. To the south and north there is a long look up and down the beach. To the east a dramatic view of the heathered coast slope.

During the twilight hour there is a transformation in the view. When daylight fades and light is lit in the house, the direct view is combined with a series of reflections in the glass of life in the house. These reflections interact with the prospect of the twilight hour. It is this interaction between view and reflection that is the theme of the image series.

In the end - when the darkness has fallen - the reflections have completely taken over the view, but the next morning only the view is left. The twilight hour has always had something magical about it. Here on the border between day and night, the contours are softened and the surroundings get something ghostly about them. The familiar world seems to disappear - the mystery takes over - and you can move into the unknown.


I use the photograph as a concrete source for my oil paintings. The photo is a link in the creative process, where the photograph is primarily a practical tool for remembering the particular appearance of the subject.

By finishing and cropping the photo, there is a basis for the composition of the paintings and a visual simplification of the shades of the subject.

In the subsequent painting of the canvas, the image is added to a renewed complexity by a powerful nuance of light effects that give the paintings their own expression.

The motives have an eye-catching peace of mind, as all excess noise is connected with the motives are omitted. The emphasis on absenteeism creates a space that you can enter - like an inner landscape - thus giving a wide variety of experiences.

                                                                                                    Holger Bak


Organizer: KK44 art group. The KK44 festival theme is this year "Into the unknown".

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