4 June - 28 July 2019

The association “Serious Knit ... for fun” aims to focus on hand knitwear as a serious textile craft. Each year, therefore, the members present new and exciting works based on the subject of the year, which is chosen at the general meeting.

This year's topic 2019 is "Masonry". There are many exciting types of masonry that have inspired us to knit many different objects with many different expressions: jerseys, shawls, scarves, bags, wrist warmers and much more. The inspirations are taken from stone walls, old and new houses, towers, churches, etc.

The knitted work shows our knit joy and the desire to develop within knitting. Meeting in an association gives inspiration and challenge to think new and let your imagination flourish.

Knitting is much more than socks and scarves, and fortunately it seems that the desire to work with hand knit is still growing.

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