Without title - Drawings
12 January - 2 June 2019

Poul and Dorte Pedersen's Studie Collection of Graphic Collection, Art Center Silkeborg Bad.

Lene Adler Petersen worked for many years under the auspices of Eks-skolens (The Ex-school's) with collective way of life and working methods.

She was a co-founder of The Ex-school print shop, whose main purpose was to create a common workplace. Private artistic practice was almost banned. The artworks were issued from The Ex-school print shop in the form of joint prints, posters and organizational tasks.

The first separate exhibition showed Adler Petersen in (Grevinde) Danner Galleriet (The (Countess) Danner Gallery) in 1971. This included drawings and collages.

In 1977, she released the picture and book work Tag en sten op (Pick up a stone), with about 300 of her drawings.

Later, more color and almost explosive strength have come into her art. The artist's efforts in the 1980's were characterized by major decorative tasks, including Tørring Gymnasium, the Danish Nursing Council's training center, the lecture hall at Horsens Town Hall, the swimmingpool room at the hospital in Herlev and several other places.

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