The Sculpture Park by the Art Centre Silkeborg Bad is visited all year round. Catch some fresh air, experience the season, see strange works of art, play and eat your food outside with your school or institution.

Take a walk, and explore the many funny and exciting sculptures. Walk through the five gateways, see the giant acorn under the tall trees or feel the patterns on the tattooed tree.

In the park children can play, touch the sculptures and play on the outdoor musical instruments: Krint drum, clap organ, and a so-called "beat-o-phone" that has earned its name because it can take a beating.

Education material: Sculpture guide (printed material)
Children can get a sculpture guide to the works of art in the park. The guide is an excellent point of departure for discovering new aspects of the sculptures and keeping oneself active. The guide is suitable for cooperation in groups because it induces conversation about one's own experience and the possible answers.
The guide has age categories for children of 8-11 years and youths of 12-14 years, respectively.

  • The guide is free of charge. Get it at the reception desk
  • Clipboards, pencils, etc. are available
  • Book the guide in advance for group visits, so it is ready when you arrive

Education material: Discovery through the world of sculpture (pdf)
Download pdf education material about the sculptures here
The material is intended for 7. - 10. graders and youth education programmes.


Children can sit down and draw the exhibits, if they like. Please bring your own materials. Cushions and A4 clipboards are available to borrow. Drawing works of art or architectural details heightens the powers of observation.  

Education material in Danish 
Find inspirational material for teachers on select exhibitions
Se general recommendations (in Danish) for viewing contemporary art under Art analysis.

Special offer: Guided tours
As a part of our standing offer groups can book a guided tour of the current exhibitions, about the history of Silkeborg Bad or of the Sculpture Park. See more under Guided Tours.

Special offer: Guided tour of the graphics study collection
Schools and high schools can book an introduction to the graphics study collection. The collection has over 3,000 original graphics sheets by primarily Danish artists and stretches from the end of the 1800s  to the 1970s, primarily covering recent time. Through the introduction, the students gain knowledge of various artists' use of different graphics techniques. The guide will adapt the visit to take the age of the children into consideration.  
Special price for schools and high schools from the municipality of Silkeborg: DKK 400.00 (regular price: DKK 700.00).


Art Centre Silkeborg Bad
Gjessøvej 40
DK-8600 Silkeborg


Tel. +45 86 81 63 29

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