Okkels Ice

Try one of the delicius Okkels Ice - choose between:             
Chocolate, strawberries, vanilla, stracciatella, coffee and after 8.

Cup with 1 ball: 25 kr. - 2 balls: 35 kr. - 3 balls: 43 kr.    

Whiped cream-, choco- and caramel sauce: 5 kr.     

"Ørnsø Cone"
with 2 balls Okkels Ice, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and a Frellsen chocolate marshmallow: 48 kr.   

Hot Belgian Waffle
with 2 balls Okkels Ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate sauce: 45 kr.   

Milkshake with Okkels Ice Cream: 40 kr.   

Ice Coffee with Okkels Ice Cream: 40 kr.   

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